Why Coding is Important for kids!

Computer Literacy is the new Literacy. And in this digital age, it is very important for a kid to learn and understand the technology around them. As a parent I always wonder that my child concepts are clear or they are just mugging up the things. Sometimes I am not just able to figure out if they applying the fundamentals of mathematics and the scientific calculations or they are just able to do the problems given by their teachers. But where does and how does Coding relates with all these thoughts. Coding means to solve the real life problem, it means to analyze the problem statement, write the code for solution, implement it and then debug the error if any or visualize the outcome of the solution. Coding is not about dragging and dropping the things in predefined environments. It is understanding the problem statement thoroughly and then come up with different solutions ending up finding the best solution amongst them. The problem statement can be anything ranging from area and perimeters or speed and distances, its about solving them by coding it. Coding refreshes the mind.?? Its like mental exercise which will accelerate the logical part of the brain. Your kids can choose any field when they grow up, may be doctor, engineer, scientist, artist, architect, researcher the list is endless but the point is they should be able to corelate the real life problems and be?? able to solve them and coding will definitely help them in achieving this.

Honey Gurnani

M.Tech( C.S.E)

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